Almost every social media network offers the option to add a like on a video upload, tracks, pictures and content. This can be considered a way of voting for the users who watch your Youtube video. Usually when our clients buy Youtube likes their video has many views with very little likes. This is not because the video lacks talent or information but may just be that the users did not think to like the video. There is no question that Youtube likes are important to have on any video that you create and will help with making the video whole and complete.


The importance of likes is clear, when the average user watches a video they will look at the amount of likes and dislikes. This may determine the amount of time they spend on the video. For musicians or businesses that offer products and services, the amount of time a user spends on their video can be detrimental to building up a fan base or selling the service and products in the video. Purchase Youtube likes to grow that number and others will follow. Users will be more inclined to watch the full length of the video to why so many have liked it!


Some people will say that likes and dislikes are not very important so why bother trying to grow the number of likes that you have? The truth is, if likes or dislikes were not important they would not have statistics on the most likes videos or the most dislikes videos. When you increase your Youtube likes through Boostmysocial we put you so much closer to where you want your video to be. Ideally, the number of views should determine the number of likes that you purchase. It is fair to say that it is impossible to have more likes then views on your video.


After building up a modest number of likes through our organic services, you will begin to gain real Youtube likes! Users will see that previous visitors to your video have left their opinion using the like or dislike buttons and will do the same to cast a vote. The whole point of using Boostmysocial is to launch and create a solid foundation for your social media needs instead of waiting for users to find your video. We understand that not every video is easily found and song titles could be the same, products can be the same and even services will have competition. This is why Boostmysocial is a great option to jump ahead of the competition!


If we have not provided you with enough information on our services then feel free to contact chat support at any time. We offer 24/7 services and can help guide you through the purchasing process and help you determine which services suit your needs. Even after a purchase is made we can track your order number and any questions that you may have!

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