The ideal Youtube video will have a healthy number of views, subscribers, likes and comments. When you buy Youtube comments from Boostmysocial, you are buying comments from real Youtube users that will comment on your own specific video. The comments that we supply make complete sense and are always positive unless any special requests are made. Comments are an important factor to consider when you post a video on Youtube and when you buy Youtube comments more users will want to post their own opinions.


The simple answer to this question is interaction! When viewers leave a comment it means they either enjoyed or disliked your video and felt compelled to leave a comment. Whether good or bad, this is great for you Youtube video. Comments will also give the chance to have an open conversation with your viewers and build relationships which can then turn the viewer into a fan. The foundation of all social media networks is interaction and purchasing comments to grow upon is a great way to encourage viewers to add their own.


Yes! Boostmysocial provides real Youtube comments for our clients. Real users watch your video and then post the comments. This is a service that not many other social media companies can offer their clients. When you buy Youtube comments, you will pleasantly surprised on the quality and the intelligence that is put in from each and every comment!


The ideal way to increase Youtube comments is having tons of people come and love your video enough to take the time to leave a comment. This does not always happen, even if the video is fantastic. If there are no comments on your video, the average user will not even realize that the comments section is there. It takes only a few comments to encourage other users to do the same and want to write an opinion of your video.


Thank you for taking the time to read through the page and we are happy to answer any questions that you may have concerning the Youtube comments or any other services. Our customer support team is available at all times to guide you through the purchasing process as well as finding the packages that suit your needs best. Contact Boostmysocial at anytime!


Due to Google constantly updating the comment system for YouTube, it is vital to understand the new rules. Although all of our comments are real, there is no way to guarantee that the comments will “stick” to your videos. We pride ourselves on our custom comments and that we do not use “bot” generated comments. For all of our current and future clients, we will offer a 1 time only replacement for any comments that fall off of your video. Buying comments will be at your own risk!

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