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The answer to this question will make total and complete sense! It is all about the interactions and relationships you can build with your listeners. If you can engage your listener through the comments option, you will have a fan for life. When you purchase Soundcloud comments, you are laying a foundation to build upon. This is why the option to buy Soundcloud comments is so useful for our clients. The more you buy, the more plays and potential lifetime fans you will have!


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It will depend on the amount of plays that you have. The comments on your page should compliment the plays, downloads, reposts, followers and likes. If you have 500 plays, then perhaps 10 comments would make sense for you. If you have 20,000 plays then 100 comments would make sense. The quality of comments that we deliver will also make an impact on your decision. We understand the hard work that has gone into your audio tracks and the importance and responsibility we have at Boostmysocial to deliver a quality product.


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