At Boostmysocial, you can now buy Pinterest re-pins. Choose an image that you wish to have re-pinned and watch that image spread across the globe. Re-pins are posts of photos that are seen by users and shared again through the users account. This counts as a re-pin for you. Pinterest is found as a marketing tool on most websites and pictures and products can be seen by checking the websites Pinboards. A brilliant way to market yourself, products or services!


Re-pins are absolutely important to have when it comes to credibility. The re-pins you have the better. The best way to answer this question is by doing some research and to see how many re-pins the most popular Pinterest users have. Take that number and compare it to yours, of course it will be a smaller number but use these numbers as a guide to your success. Purchase re-pins to get to a number that makes sense and makes you feel comfortable.


Pinterest suggests that businesses should not only post products and services on their accounts but they should post a pinboard with the idea behind the product. Increase re-pins by posting pins that contain value in the content. Content will make the difference and you will gain Pinterest re-pins without even knowing it! Remember to find friends or family and have them re-pin for you. This will give you a nice head start!


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